Company CEO and Founder of Speedometer Official

MARCO GATTI – Company CEO/Entrepreneur

“I have created first MG bracelet branded as SpeedoMeter Official in 2013”

A family story

Marco Gatti starts working in 1985 in the family business, founded in Turin in 1923 by his grandfather, a distributor of two Swiss watch brands: Unitas and Arsa. After a few years, he moves to Tahiti enchanted by the splendour of the Polynesian pearls that he begins to distribute in Italy in 1987. In short time, the distribution of pearls is added to the precious stones inspiring his creative consultancies in Italy and abroad for luxury jewellery and watches brands. In 2013, Marco Gatti creates the first SPEEDOMETER OFFICIAL – MG bracelet, MG acronym of Marco Gatti Turin.


One of the best-known features of an underwater watch of any brand is the “bezel,” the rotating ring that marks time in relation to depth. Big watch brands have always challenged themselves to develop this element to the maximum with customised designs and identifying their own brands, but without succeeding completely because all the watch manufacturers actually use the same bezels.
The real news is represented by SPEEDOMETER OFFICIAL that transposes in a unique and exclusive way in its products all the world of watches’ bezels, taking on an identity never experienced before.
SPEEDOMETER OFFICIAL products are 100% made in Italy using the best materials available on the jewellery and clothing markets. Our bracelets are “nickel free” guaranteed and non-toxic, in accordance with the strictest Italian laws. The steel we use is anti-scratch and waterproof, while the gold is pink, white or 18 KT yellow. All the diamonds set inside our bracelets are authentic and certified. For the most demanding customers, looking for more exclusive products, we provide a customization service of the bracelets with the formula of CREATE YOUR SPEEDOMETER allowing you to create luxury and refined objects by choosing the bases between steel, black steel, rose gold, gold white and yellow gold to match with more than 400 combined versions of strips with or without diamonds.

Core values

Speedometer Official aims to reach the heart of people that loves the iconic watches bezel, but not only those passionate Speedometer Official creations are for people that are in love with design, Innovation, fashion and exclusivity, and for all these reason they recognise the bracelet as the unique and unforgettable style icon. We are proud of our products, 100% made in Italy. Made in Italy means: excellence, design and top quality. All the Speedometer Official designs and creations are totally produced in Italy, and namely in Turin area. All the Speedometer Official creations, every single piece, boasts the MG acronym, standing for Marco Gatti Turin.


Nowadays our creations are sold all over the world and through our website we constantly receive requests from every country. On our social media platform we daily receive images of different people but connected together for their passion for everything italian, genuine, well made and classy. Wherever is art, sport, food, wine, music, theater, cinema and everything that makes life loveable, you find speedometer official. We are proud of our “active followers” wearing and shooting picture of themselves while wearing our products. They want to share their pictures and let us being aware of they now part of our community. Their appreciation makes us happy and gives us the push to improve our products even more.

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